Red House Seafood

It has been a pleasure working with Sharon and her team (Madeline and Easter) over the last 3 years.

The team is professional, methodical and organised in their approach when managing our Group's accounts. They provided us with appropriate heads up when they needed to come into our offices and arrive prepared with questions if required any information from the Company. The team manages the various deadline for our group of Companies well and informs the Management well in advance if input is required from us.

Sharon and her team are very prompt in their responses when clarifications pertaining to our accounts are raised by the Company. When answers cannot be provided immediately, the team makes a concerted effort to check with their counterparts, sometimes from other departments, before reverting to us. We are extremely impressed by their ability to co-ordinate between themselves and amongst the other business divisions in their firm. We look forward to working with them again moving ahead. 


Yours truly,

Red House Seafood

Chang Weiling