An Accountant Walks Out

Co A acquired Co B, and in the acquisition process, key personnel from the accountant to the directors of Company B resigned. AccountServe was appointed by Co A to manage the interim crisis whilst seeking a new accountant.

We spent 6 weeks with the client, where we:

  1. assisted in the recruitment of a new accountant
  2. obtained the full co-operation of the resigning accountant to the extent that all her outstanding work was adequately documented and conveyed to AccountServe
  3. ensured the smooth handover of duties and responsibilities to the new accountant
  4. provided support to ensure that the day-to-day functions of the accounting department were in good order
  5. managed the debt collection affairs of the company
  6. co-ordinated and acted for the client in its liaison with lawyers, auditors, tax and secretarial agents to resolve various outstanding issues pertaining to the acquisition